School Life Is Back.


Good Morning People. ❤ 


School life is back. :p

I miss my friends and classmates a lot yor.❤

But didnt miss any teacher. HAHAHA.

Just kidding maybe ? :p 


I just , hate homeworks ! 😦


so many homework didn’t complete yea. 

  • Prinsip Perakaunan Project 

  • Art Project

  • Moral Project


How can i finish them ?! 😦

First day of scool 

It make my day just like no tomorrow. 😮

so tired , so sleepy.

feel like don’t want to WAKE UP EARLY 


ARGHH ! !@#^%$*#!@ 

Just , tired lifestyle starts. 



SPM is so near me.


Need to Study Hard ! 🙂

Will try my best maybe ?

JIA YOU ! 😀 


Anyway , 

Have a nice holiday last week. 

Ngek ngek. :p ❤ 

Will upload something tomorrow yor. 

Wait kay ?


Oh Yahhhh , 



I Love You DADDY. ❤

You Always is the one that i love , trust , care and miss.

You are the best daddy for me ! ❤

You teach me walk , teach me talk

teach me how to be a nice people.

you comfort me when i am sad.

you accompany me when i can’t solve any problem. ❤

❤ I appreciate everything that you gave me ❤

❤ My love for you can’t even use words to express. ❤

Muah Muah :p ❤




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